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The herzog® shut-off nozzle type BHP represents a technological peak performance in the field of injection moulding. Their continuous single-channel design ensures optimum rheological conditions and makes it the ideal choice for processes with impressive injection rates of up to 5,000 cm³/s. It offers an innovative solution for companies looking to optimise their injection moulding processes and increase efficiency. With their precise control, proven shut-off technology and flexibility in customisation, this nozzle is a key component for precise and efficient injection moulding applications in a variety of industrial contexts.


Following points speak for this nozzle:

Secure locking mechanism for efficient production processes:

herzog® nozzles are known for their proven locking mechanism, which ensures precise dosing and prevents unwanted dripping. Early dosing not only shortens cycle times, but also makes production processes more efficient.

Flexibility through customisable control options:

The carefully designed BHP nozzle ss easy to install and is suitable for both pneumatic and hydraulic control options. This versatility enables seamless integration into various injection moulding machines and expands the range of applications for the nozzle in the industry.

Special applications with machine bolt shut-off nozzle type BHP:

The pneumatically or hydraulically actuated machine bolt shut-off nozzle type BHP is used in particular when processing shear-sensitive materials and in combination with hot runner systems. The straight and generous flow channel of this nozzle ensures that optimum rheological conditions are achieved even for special applications.


Used in:

Packaging, automotive, leisure industry, medical and electrical engineering.


A lifting cylinder integrated in the assembly (pneumatically or hydraulically activated) controls a radially arranged pin via a lever mechanism. This separates the melt flow depending on the process. The pin mechanism is designed to ensure that the nozzle opens automatically in the event of overpressure. In contrast to the valve gate system, mass separation takes place further back in the pin gate system. This leaves a longer hole between the valve and the nozzle outlet. This may be unsuitable for certain applications.

Modules for filters, mixers and GIT applications extend the range of applications.



- Air pockets due to screw retraction

- Plastic leakage during dosing with lifted injection unit

- Plastic leakage during vertical injection moulding


Can be used for special processes such as

- physical foaming


Supports process control:

- Piston position sensors on the control cylinder (reference for nozzle "closed" or "open").


Productivity factors:

- Shorter cycle times - Increased productivity

- Improved process reliability

- Operation with increased back pressure Improved homogenisation

- Can be retrofitted (mould adjustments)



- Filter module

- Mixer


- Process monitoring with piston position sensor on the lifting cylinder 


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Instructions for mounting the BHPR retraction unit.

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