A spring operated

Nozzle shut-off Needle spring-operated spring-actuated

The first spring-actuated herzog® shut-off nozzle type A has been helping our customers to increase their productivity for years. It`s still a strong and reliable option and is mainly used for processing thermoplastics.

It is characterised by their function, reliability and low purchase costs. The nozzle is easy to install and can be adapted to any type of machine. The function of the nozzle is directly dependent on the melt pressure, whereby an axially arranged needle is held in a closed position by spring force. As soon as the injection pressure rises above 200 bar, the spring force is overcome and the nozzle opens.

Max. Injection rate: 1,600 cm3/s

Max. injection pressure Injection pressure: 2,000 bar at 350°C



- Shorter cycle times à increased productivity

- Prevents filament formation and plastic leakage

- Clean separation of the melt stream

- Quick and easy assembly and installation

- Cost-effective

- Space-saving design

- Improved process reliability



- Filter module


 Mounting on the machin and initial operation A
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